Conservation and Utilization of Damaged Materials

Research project

  Solutions Research on Preservation and Use of Paper Documents Damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Lead researcher

  AOKI Mutsumi (National Institute of Japanese Literature)


  This project aims to solve problems that surface during efforts to rescue historical and cultural materials damaged in tsunamis and to provide a system for using damaged materials.


1. Collecting information on instances of paper documents that have deteriorated
    because of tsunami damage
2. Developing a set of technical procedures for the rescue and restoration of documents
    damaged by sea water
3. Developing a workable, long-term system for preserving, cleaning,
    and resoring damaged documents
4. Proposing an effective policy on the roles that local municipalities should play in order to
    remember and transmit to future generations the lessons learned in disasters
5. Reviewing emergency responses at the institutes of the NIHU
    and developing a mutual aid system