ICPP 2011 successfully finished!!

We had a wonderful conference thanks to the many people involved in it - speakers, chairs, discussants, poster presenters, volunteers and the enthusiastic audience.

Welcome to NINJAL ICPP

  We are very pleased to announce a NINJAL international conference on phonetics and phonology (ICPP 2011) to be held in Kyoto on December 10-14, 2011. This five-day conference is supported in most part by the National Institute for Japanese and Linguistics (NINJAL) and is held as an event in its series of international symposia.
  ICPP 2011 features the following three main topics:
     (a) rendaku voicing
     (b) sokuon, or geminate consonants
     (c) accent and tone
  We would like to welcome oral and poster presentations in these research areas, especially those that have cross-linguistic and/or typological perspectives.

Haruo Kubozono & Tim Vance
For the Organizing Committee

You can download our poster for ICPP 2011 from here.

The main themes and sub-themes of ICPP 2011

Rendaku and voicing (Dec.10)

  1. The histor(iograph)y of Rendaku
  2. Voicing phenomena in other languages

Geminate consonants (Dec.11-12)

  1. Phonetics of geminate consonants
  2. Phonology of geminate consonants

Accent and tone (Dec.13-14)

  1. Loanword prosody
  2. Question prosody

Guest speakers at ICPP 2011

・Stuart Davis (Indiana University) ABSTRACT


・John Kingston (University of Massachusetts at Amherst) ABSTRACT

・Annie Rialland (CNRS/University of Paris 3) ABSTRACT

・Rachid Ridouane (CNRS/University of Paris 3) ABSTRACT

・Yutaka Suzuki (Bunkyo Gakuin University) ABSTRACT

・Jeroen van de Weijer (Shanghai International Studies University) ABSTRACT