Updated on September 20, 2015. Some posters and slides used at GemCon are downloadable (see below)!


All participants:

The room is scheduled to open from 14:00. Please pick up your workshop kit on the desk just in front of the workshop room ("Dochart 2") from 14:00 - 14:15.


Program & Workshop Materials

Oral session 1

Shigeto Kawahara (Keio University):

"The phonetics of geminates: an overview"[abstract] [slides]

Olga Dmitrieva (Purdue University):

"The role of context sonority in the typology and perceptibility of geminate consonants" [abstract][slides]

Yukari Hirata (Colgate University) &

Izumi Takiguchi (Bunkyo Gakuin University, NINJAL):

"Production of Japanese geminates by native English speakers: Durational accuracy and native speaker evaluation" [abstract] [slides]

Oral session 2

Rachid Ridouane (CNRS/Sorbonne Nouvelle):

"The phonetics and phonology of word-initial geminates" [abstract][slides]

Aditi Lahiri (University of Oxford), Sandra Kotzor (University of Oxford),

Adam Roberts (University of Oxford), &

Allison Wetterlin (University of Oxford/ University of Agder):

"Bengali geminates in the mental lexicon" [abstract][slides]

Poster session

[Group A]

1. Manami Hirayama (Ritsumeikan University):

"Complete and incomplete neutralizations between underlying and derived geminates in Japanese: Evidence from three gemination processes" [abstract]

2. Ghada Khattab (Newcastle University) & Jalal Al-Tamimi (Newcastle University):

"Spectral properties of vowels preceding singleton and geminate consonants in Lebanese Arabic" [abstract][poster]

3. Albert Lee (University College London) & Peggy Mok (The Chinese University of Hong Kong):

"Japanese consonant quantity contrasts by Hong Kong L2 learners: Preliminary results" [abstract]

4. Lara Ehrenhofer (University of Maryland), Adam C. Roberts (Nanyang Technical University), Allison Wetterlin (University of Oxford/University of Agder), Sandra Kotzor (University of Oxford) & Aditi Lahiri (University of Oxford):

"Asymmetric Processing of Consonant Duration in Swiss German" [abstract]

5. Alexei Kochetov (University of Toronto):

"Length in Kannada alveolar and retroflex laterals: A preliminary acoustic study" [abstract][poster]

6. Maho Morimoto (University of California, Santa Cruz):

"Degemination in Japanese loanwords from Italian" [abstract][poster] [handout]

7. Hyunsoon Kim (Hongik University):

"Korean speakers’ perception of Japanese geminates: Evidence for the role of L1 grammar in loanword adaptation" [abstract]

8. Elinor Payne (University of Oxford), Brechtje Post (University of Cambridge), Hanne Gram Simonsen (Oslo & Akershus University College of Applied Sciences) & Nina Gram Garmann (University of Oslo):

"The Acquisition of Long Consonants in Norwegian" [abstract]

9. Giuseppina Turco (University of Stuttgart) & Bettina Braun (University of Konstanz):

"Long-distance effects caused by length contrast" [abstract]

[Group B]

10. Masako Fujimoto (Waseda University) & Shigeko Shinohara (Sophia University):

"Articulation of voiced geminate and word-initial geminate obstruents in the Miyakojima Ikema dialect of Ryukyuan: A Real-time MRI analysis" [abstract]

11. Qandeel Hussain (Macquarie University) & Hassan Mustafa (Al-Mustafa Institute of Management and Sciences):

"Do Punjabi geminates show loooooong-distance anticipatory effects?" [abstract]

12. Shin'ichi Tanaka (Kobe University)

"The adaptation of Italian geminates and vowels in Japanese: its relation to the perception" [abstract]

13. Rosey Billington (University of Melbourne):

"Geminate glides in Eastern Nilotic: Evidence from Lopit" [abstract][poster]

14. Gertjan Postma (Meertens Institute) & Etske Ooijevaar (Meertens Institute):

"Geminate onsets in Dutch interjections – VOT normalisation and the gemination factor" [abstract][poster]

15. Toshiko Isei-Jaakkola (Chubu University/ University of Helsinki):

"JL1’s identification of quantity in Finnish disyllabic meaningful words in different word structures" [abstract]

16. Maida Percival (University of Toronto):

"The Acoustics of Geminates in Eastern Oromo" [abstract]

17. Hanna Ruch (University of Zurich):

"Re-emergence of sonorant geminates in Zurich and Grison German" [abstract]

18. Toshio Matsuura (Hokusei Gakuen University) & Michinao Matsui (Osaka Health Science University):

"Where lexical distribution meets phonetic realization: Closure voicing of voiced obstruent geminates in two Amakusa Japanese dialects" [abstract][poster]