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(keynote lectures: 40 + 10 min; other talks: 30 + 10 min)

Day 1 (Dec 17): Formal (and functional) properties of mimetics

9:30-9:50Opening remarks: Taro Kageyama (NINJAL)
Session 1Phonology 1 (Chair: Timothy J. Vance [NINJAL])
9:50-10:40[1] G. Tucker Childs (Portland State U)
“The knowledge of ideophones and multilingualism: A West African pilot study”
10:50-11:30[2] Haruo Kubozono (NINJAL)
“The phonological structure of Japanese mimetics and motherese”
11:30-12:10[3] Nahyun Kwon (JSPS/Nagoya U)
“Canonical approach to phonaesthemes in Korean ideophones”
13:00-14:00Poster session 1
Session 2Phonology 2 (Chair: Haruo Kubozono [NINJAL])
14:00-14:50[4] Shoko Hamano (George Washington U)
“Monosyllabic and disyllabic roots in the diachronic development of mimetic expressions”
14:50-15:30[5] Akio Nasu (U of Tsukuba)
“The phonological regularity of Japanese mimetics: Segmental markedness in mimetic neologisms”
Session 3Morphology & syntax (Chair: Kimi Akita [Nagoya U/NINJAL])
15:40-16:30[6] Gérard Diffloth (Formerly École française d’Extrême-Orient)
“Historical morphology in Austroasiatic Expressives”
16:30-17:10[7] Kiyoko Toratani (York U)
“Classification of nominal compounds containing mimetics: A Construction Morphology perspective”
17:10-17:50[8] Keiko Murasugi (Nanzan U)
“Mimetics as the argument-structure sprouts in child Japanese”

Day 2 (Dec 18): Functional (and formal) properties of mimetics

Session 4Semantics (Chairs: Prashant Pardeshi [NINJAL]/Nahyun Kwon [JSPS/Nagoya U])
9:00-9:50[9] Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano (U of Zaragoza)
“The importance of ideophones in the lexicalisation of motion events”
9:50-10:30[10] Noriko Iwasaki (SOAS, U of London) & Keiko Yoshioka (Leiden U)
“The use of mimetics and gesture among speakers of Japanese as a second language”
10:40-11:30[11] Masako Ueda Fidler (Brown U)
“Probing onomatopoeia with corpus data in Czech”
11:30-12:10[12] William J. Herlofsky (Nagoya Gakuin U)
“Translation as an investigative tool: Searching for a common ground for examining mimetics in Japanese and JSL”
13:00-14:00Poster session 2
Session 5Pragmatics & cognition (Chairs: Kiyoko Toratani [York U]/Keiko Murasugi [Nanzan U])
14:00-14:50[13] Mark Dingemanse (MPI for Psycholinguistics)
“Ideophones and sensory language in social interaction”
14:50-15:30[14] Kimi Akita (Nagoya U/NINJAL)
“Ideophones, gaze, and facial expressions: A preliminary report from Japanese”
15:40-16:20[15] Mutsumi Imai (Keio U)
“What insights can we draw from universal and language-specific sound symbolism onto the Symbol Grounding Problem?”
16:20-17:10[16] Janis B. Nuckolls (Brigham Young U)
“Rethinking mono-sensory, implicational approaches to ideophones in Pastaza Quichua and the Americas”
17:10-17:30Closing remarks