March 22 (Sat.) & 23 (Sun.), 2014
National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics [NINJAL] 10-2 Midori-cho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo (access)
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As an international research hub of Japanese linguistics, NINJAL is happy to host the 8th meeting of ICPLJ, which is held for the first time in Japan.


Founded in 1998, the International Conference on Practical Linguistics of Japanese (ICPLJ) aims to stimulate research in Japanese linguistics and serve as a bridge between research oriented toward theory and research oriented toward practical application. Its scope covers a wide range of areas including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, lexicon, pragmatics, second language acquisition, bilingualism, Japanese language education, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) technology, and language production. The 8th ICPLJ is particularly intended to bring together researchers on the cutting edge of Japanese linguistics and to offer a forum in which their research results can be presented in a form that is useful to those desiring practical applications in the fields of teaching Japanese as a second/foreign language.


Catherine E. Snow (Harvard University) "Extended discourse in first and second language acquisition : A challenge and an opportunity"

INVITED PANEL "Corpora and Japanese-language Education"

Noriko Kobayashi (Tsukuba University), Katsumi Shibuya (Osaka University)
Hisashi Noda (NINJAL), Kumiko Sakoda (NINJAL)

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Accommodation around Tachikawa


Kumiko Sakoda (NINJAL) and Masahiko Minami (SF State/NINJAL)